hard drive specs

All students taking a 400 level Digital Media course
are required to supply their own external hard drive with the following specs:

Connector Type:           USB 3.0 (or Thunderbolt)
Spindle Speed:             7200 rpm  (or Solid State) 
Hard Drive Capacity:    1TB ideal  (500GB min)
                                     (bold: cheaper option)

You will need to order your 7200 rpm drive online. A good way to proceed is to go to your online retainer of choice and search for "external drive 7200rpm usb 3.0"
Feel free to email me to verify that the drive you plan to purchase will work well.

Once you have your drive, it will need to be formatted. You can do it yourself or bring it to class or lab hours. Formatting will erase all data. If you work only with Macs, choose Journaled Extended. If you work between Macs and PCs, choose EX_FAT.


EX-FAT drive not showing up on a mac, even after repairing in Disk Utilities:
about this mac
system report
If you can see the drive there with data, keep this open for 10-15 minutes.