462: Interactive Media

We are using Isadora 2.5 in this class.  
Each student station in the lab has a licensed copy where you can save your work. You can download a player version on your own Mac or PC for free. The free version will not let you save, but you can experiment at home and take screen shots of work you would like to reproduce.

article on Isadora
Isadora software: 2.5
Isadora user manual 
Isadora knowledge base
various Isadora help topics from Graham Thorne
Isadora forum

Isadora Tutorials from Mark Coniglio (Isadora creator):

Advanced Isadora Tutorials from Graham Thorne:

Isadora projects and demos:

interactive projects:

Troika Ranch
MAX installations
Kinect projects 

more tech links:

Quartz Composer
1024 Blog
kinect tutorial from TroikaTronix
kinect 360 (1414) + Processing instruction from GT
kinect 360 (1414) + ni-Mate instructions from GT
kinect 360 (1414) & ni-Mate software  information

isa & Wii 

Makey Makey TED talk
Makey Makey 

isa & arduino 
arduino hardware
miditron hardware

UM-1EX midi to usb osculator software

make magazine